The Paleo Refrigerator: A look inside of mine

The Paleo Refrigerator: A look inside of mine
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I took a few pictures of everything in my fridge a few Saturdays ago right after I went grocery shopping. Immediately after shopping is about the only time I have a full fridge. One thing I have found after going paleo is that my fridge is where all the food is now and my cupboards are mostly food-free. It really did used to be the opposite. Much of my food was in boxes or cans or bags and not nearly as much of it was fresh and in need of refrigeration.

The Top Shelf

On the top shelf I have bio butter (for making ghee), blueberries, raspberries and cherry tomatoes.

Top Shelf

Second Shelf 

We’ve got eggs, lots and lots of egg. This shelf also has more meat and a package of medjool dates (my husband loves them and eats one or two after dinner).

Third Shelf

Lots of meat!

This shelf has several packages of bacon, ground beef, a roast, beef bones from the farmer (to make bone broth with), packages of chicken, a package fresh salmon, a package of wild caught smoked salmon and several packages of prosciutto (for making these).

The Crisper Drawer

The veggie drawer has an eggplant, red cabbage (for Julie Salad), green cabbage, carrots, zucchini, leeks (Chris loves them in scrambled eggs with smoked salmon), red peppers and Brussels sprouts.

Overflowing with vegetables

The Pull-Out Drink Area

Ummm…yeah. This is the area that previously housed my Coke Zero addiction and a few cartons of milk. Now we drink water. Yay! That frees up a bunch of space for more vegetables (because that one sad little pull out drawer is not nearly enough!). Now we’ve got room for green spring onions, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, a bag of beet greens and two bags of spinach.


The Pull-Out Pantry Cupboards

This is where I used to keep all of my canned beans, jarred sauces, rice, lentils, crackers, cookies, granola bars, oats and peanut butter. Now, we’ve got lots and lots of nuts (ground and whole), coconut chips, almond butter, honey and coconut milk. There is also a few cans of mackerel and tuna up in there somewhere.

Nuts and stuff

Another one of my pull-out cupboards holds all of my onions, beets, sweet potatoes and garlic.

We love sweet potatoes

Always Shopping 

So, that was my refrigerator on a Saturday right after shopping. It was empty again by Thursday morning. Seriously. And we are only two people. We eat a lot. In my defense, the refrigerators in Switzerland are very small :-). That might be a good thing according to this study.

Sad, but true…when you are eating real food that is fresh, you will have to shop more often. It doesn’t take long though when all you have to do is hit the meat section and the vegetable section in the store.

Now you know that not only do I talk the talk, but I also walk the walk. There are no Twinkies hiding in my cupboards 🙂

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  1. Hi Lisa
    Thanks for all the emails.
    Had to smile at your photos today – my fridge and cupboards look exactly =
    the same as yours, but I keep eggs in the cupboard rather than the =
    fridge and I’m looking for a drawer to keep onions, garlic and sweet =
    potatoes in now! You’ll be pleased to know that I am a Paleo goddess, =
    except for wine and Bio Kaffeerahm/vollmilch in coffee (decaff) and tea. =
    Went off the rails a few times lately due to trips to UK when =
    circumstances meant eating options were extremely limited, and I really =
    noticed a difference – felt bloated, skin went bad, couldn’t sleep well =
    and then re-adjusting to Paleo brought headaches for a few days. Now =
    sleeping well, skin improving and digestive system happy again. =
    Unfortunately (dietetically speaking) I’m going back to the UK for a few =
    days again in a couple of weeks time…
    Loving the Practical Paleo book. Hit meal of the week was spicy =
    meatballs made with ground pork served with mashed cauliflower and a ton =
    of other veg stir-fried in coconut fat. Love wrapping chicken in bacon =
    too – even without the honey glaze.
    Not losing much weight, but my first goal is to maintain the Paleo diet =
    as I’m doing it now, and then cut down on some things like wine, nuts, =
    avocado. Like you, I don’t think I can do without something white in my =
    tea/coffee and I’ve tried coconut milk and almond milk without success. =
    Did come across a recipe for Paleo non-dairy creamer yesterday though, =
    so I might make a batch and give it a try. More exercise would also be =
    good, but work as always gets in the way. I’m taking extra time off =
    teaching over Xmas and hope to do much more walking as well as skiing =
    and x-country skiing, and maybe even swimming!
    Thanks for inspiring me!

    • Hi Bridget! Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying paleo and doing so well on it. I love my little following of newly inspired “paleo godessess”! Weight loss is sometimes slow going but it does eventually kick in. Good health is the bottom line though. Yes, I love voll rahm in my coffee and I tolerate it well. I do coconut milk mixed with vanilla sometimes but like cream way better. Sam and Nicky have been skyping a lot lately and she is really looking forward to seeing him over the holidays. Hope we can catch up too and have a coffee (with cream) sometime 🙂

  2. Hi, just found your website few weeks a go and loved the info and recipes. Tried some of your recipes like Chestnut Almond pancake and paleo pizza, love both of the recipes.

    P.S Love your refrigerators post, i saw you buy your meet and chicken from Migros.
    Did you thinks the meet from TeraSuisse and the chicken from Optigal a good choice? I try to find out if the animals were grass feed or not,couldn’t found any info yet.
    I just started to buy meet from Coop naturafarm, it seem like the animals are grass feed.

    • Hi Christian,
      We actually buy our meat from a local farmer most of the time. We found him through and his animals are all grass fed and the prices are very good. We buy from Migros and Coop whenever we run out. Natura Farm and TerraSuisse are good choices. Coop also sells whole bio chickens now. Migros has grass fed beef behind the butcher counter. I’m so glad you found our site and that you are enjoying some of the recipes! We’re a pretty new site and I’m new to blogging. I have a few weeks off over Christmas and hope to be able to have more time for cooking and adding content to the blog.

      • Thanks for the link, gone check it out!
        After reading your review on Practice Paleo, bough the book on Kindle( my first Paleo book) loved it.
        It such a nice book with so much info.
        Just finished also “Starts with food” another great book.

        • Hi Christian,
          I love “It Starts With Food”…great book. Glad you are enjoying Practical Paleo. I’ve got just about every paleo book out there and I really need to get around to writing up reviews of them.