Why Paleo?

  • Sumo

Short answer: It rocks! It can change your life, completely.

Did you know that making a few very basic and simple changes in your eating habits could affect your health and energy to a massive degree? Oh yeah, and it helps you lose weight, too.

The Paleo (or sometimes called Primal) lifestyle is only a few years old (if you don’t count Paleolithic Man) and includes many, many moving, inspiring and uplifting stories of healing by people who had suffered from serious diseases. Success stories tell of healing secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity, depression, eczema, ADHS to name just a few. But also of people who found, there’s whole new way to enjoy life.

If you are an English speaker, there is a good solid amount of information available both online and in print and you will find links and recommendations in our resource and recommended reading section.

So, if there is all this information already available, why Swiss Paleo?

When I discovered Paleo a few months back I immediately wanted to dive in and try it out. But, living in Switzerland, I ran into one or the other stumbling block along the way. For starters, I did not know where to buy some of the products that were mentioned in most of the books and what they would be called in German, or look like.

Luckily, I have the privilege of my knowing the only living Paleocyclopedia, Lisa, who patiently, and willingly explained and guided me through our first whole 30… (which, for the record is a 30 day Paleo trial). I realized that if other people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria wanted to try going Paleo, they might run into the same roadblocks. But not all of them know Lisa, personally, I think.

And thus the idea of Swiss Paleo was born.

Swiss Paleo will be your digital and interactive knowledge base about how to go about changing your diet (and lifestyle) living in the German speaking part of the world. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, we will be able to offer hands on workshops in the Zurich area, too.

Apart from changing the way you eat, the Paleo life style includes getting off your butt and exercising, too. Don’t worry, we’re not going to stick you in an 80ies body suit and make you do Flashdance moves. Although that thought is very alluring. But we will give you some instructions and videos about what you can do at home provided by our very own Fitness Boss, Julie.

So having said all that, please come back soon and watch this site grow with recipes, shopping guides, pantry items, fitness videos and lots of news and refreshing stories of our exciting trip down Paleo lane.

We look forward to having you here.

Susan is the web designer and occasional blogger for the Swiss Paleo website. Her favorite paleo food are eggs and bacon. And bacon. And also, bacon.