• Sumo

Meet the Paleo Gang. We are an international Canadian-US-American-Swiss trio  of mixed backgrounds who share a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Come in, shake hands. We don’t bite.



ACE Certified Personal Trainer
& Level 1 Crossfit Certification

Trilingual Fitness Boss par excellence

Canadian living in Switzerland since 1997.

Has the coolest training room on the block.





Registered Nurse & Certified Nutritionist

Only known living Paleocyclopedia

Has been iving the Swiss life for 16 years, actually likes to clean house..but  doesn’t iron … anything … ever.

Most wished for super power – the ability to leap tall buildings (or the box jump boxes) in a single (graceful) bound.



Biz Chick & Web Designer

Swiss Miss with a global mindset.

If not busy running after two dogs, a digital native or cool ventures, can usually be found with nose stuck in a book or saving the world from goblins and skeletons in some MMORPG or other.

Considers legally adopting Julie’s 16 kg kettlebell aka Bob.