Specialty Shops & Online Shopping

  • Sumo

Bio Butcher and Deli Karl Abegg:

  • Located in Langnau am Albis and recommended by Swiss Paleo readers Miriam and Christoph. Herr Abegg offers bio meat and other specialty products. He also offers an online shop and home delivery.

Free From Supermarket:

  • Free From Supermarket is an online shop here in Switzerland. They carry many paleo friendly ingredients like coconut flour, coconut oil, red palm oil, chestnut flour, Grade A maple syrup, nut butters, chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado and nut oils, and arrowroot powder.

Eat Performance:

This is an on-line shop with 100% paleo products! Eat Performance is a German company but they have just started shipping to Switzerland and Austria as well :-).  They also run a bistro in Berlin that you should totally check out if you are traveling there.

Kleine Steinzeit:

This is a great little online Paleo specific shop. They deliver to Switzerland and have a lot of great products that you might night not find locally.

Niederried Fleisch Your local Swiss source for grass fed beef jerky! They also sell beef by the kilo.

Paleo Food Center This is a Swiss online shop based in the Zürich area offering all sorts of wonderful things! You can order paleo baked goods, baking mixes, pizza bases, nut flours, paleo muesli and lots more. They also offer paleo cooking and baking courses.