Direct from the Farm (or CSA delivery)

  • Sumo
  • The Bruderhof Farm is a large bio farm with it’s own farm store (Hofladeli) that you can visit. They also offer a delivery service of meat and vegeatbles to the Zurich and Baden regions. You can order by “abo” for a regular delivery (onece a week, once a month etc…) or you can place a single one-time order.
  • The Kagfreiland organization has a list of bio farmers that you can order directly from.
  • This site is all about bio in Switzerland. There is a list of farmers you can order direct from and a list of CSAs.
  • Binzenloo Farm is a bio farm near Winterthur. They sell vegetables, fruits and berries, bio beef, and pastured pork and chickens.
  • The Schlösslihof farm is located in Oetwil am See up on the Pfannesteil near Zürich. they are a bio farm with Scottish highland cows and pastured pigs. You can order and have your meat delivered to you at home or you can shop directly from their farm store. They also have a huge barn that you can rent for parties.
  • The Daikonenhaus Farm in Greifensee offers bio pork and beef and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Best of all, they employ mentally disabled men and women. They are definitely worth supporting!
  • Natur Konkret sells 100% grass-fed meat and they will package it and deliver to you. They have highland beef, pastured pork, lamb and chicken.