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Frequently Asked Questions



  •  Where can I find bacon without added sugar?

Go have a look at a normal package of bacon from the store and you’ll see that it usually has 2 or 3 different kinds of sugar in it! The only bacon that I have found here without added sugar is the bacon from COOP labelled ‘Natura Plan’ Bratspeck geräuchert. The only sugar free deli type meat we have found is prosciutto. You really have to read labels carefully! Now, as to the nitrates in bacon, I have not found nitrate free bacon here but I don’t worry too much about the nitrates. Read what Mark Sisson says about bacon and nitrates here. And have a look at this article while you’re at it! And if that wasn’t enough to convince you just look here.
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  • Where can I find almond flour and almond butter?

See this post about almond butter and almond flour.
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  • Where can I get kale?

Kale is called Federkohl in German and it is only available in the Fall. It is occasionally available at some Migros and some Coops during the Fall, but availability is very variable. I have also found it in the grocery section of Globus and at a few of the stalls in the Viaduct Market Hall in Zurich. You can order kale online from the Querbeet bio shop (they deliver to Zurich on Thursdays). See our post about Kale here.
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  • Where can I get coconut flour?

I’m working on a post all about coconut flour so keep checking back for that! In the meantime, I can tell you that coconut flour (kokosnussmehl) is available in many reform haus stores and bio laden. Vitus is a bio laden shop in the city that has it. I’ve found it for a slightly better price in Germany (Alnatura in Konstanz).
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  • Where do you get liquid vanilla extract?

I’ll be posting a recipe for you soon on how to make your own (easy peasy). In the meantime, you can buy vanilla extract from Peace Foods, from Taste of America and also from The Britshop. You can also use a product found in the baking/flour/sugar section at Migros called ‘Pate de Vanille’. It comes in a small jar and is actually vanilla paste. Vanilla extract is liquid and it is made by infusing vanilla into alcohol. Vanilla paste (use same amount as vanilla extract that is called for in recipes) is made by scraping vanilla seeds (those little brown specks) out of vanilla pods into a sugary syrup. I prefer the paste or the extract over the vanilla sugar which is widely available here.

  • Where can I get coconut aminos?

You can try buying it online from here or here. As an alternative, you can use gluten free tamari sauce (I get mine from Migros). It still contains some soy, but it is gluten free (unlike regular soy sauce).

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