Shopping in Germany and from Amazon

  • Sumo

Crossing over the border and shopping in Germany can be a very cost effective way to get some of the more expensive paleo ingredients like coconut oil, almond flour and arrowroot powder.

A great inside shopping tip is to shop from Amazon in Germany. That’s where I have found the best deals. Amazon won’t ship food items directly to Switzerland, but for a small fee you can use a LieferService. A liefer address offers you a place for your items to be delivered to and they hold it for you until you pick it up. It is legal and totally above board. Here are a few of the ones I know about:

Liefer Address Konstanz

Deutsche Liefer Address Jestetton


I also have been able to find paleo ingredients at the German health food shop AlNatura. They have chains all over Germany and the one in Konstanz is quite large.

If you are in the Geneva area and have suggestions for shopping across the border in France, please let me know so I can share the information! Any other tips are appreciated 🙂