Paleo Skin Care with Balima Spa Oil

Paleo Skin Care with Balima Spa Oil
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Paleo has been a real journey for me. When I did my first Whole30 six years ago, I was looking to lose weight and increase my energy level. At the time, it was all about food and I wasn’t paying too much attention to other lifestyle factors. As I went on, paleo eating became more about nutrient density rather than weight loss. Over the years, I’ve slowly addressed other factors that contribute to a healthy paleo lifestyle. I do crossfit style workouts 4 times a week, walk at least an hour a day, try to sleep well (yes, I have those dorky orange glasses) and I try to keep my stress under control (which included quitting a job that I no longer enjoyed).

With a recent diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, I know I still have work to do. At this point, I’m working on removing as many toxins as I can from my life. I switched out plastic tupperware for glass years ago and got rid of all my teflon coated pans at the same time. I switched out my old shampoo for Morrocco Method a few months ago (you can read my review here), I started using an all natural aluminum free deodorant a few weeks ago and I’ve ordered some tooth powder from Primal Life Organics. But what about skin care?IMG_0519-1024x765

Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs everything you put on it. In fact, lots of medications (even some heart medications) are administered transdermally in the form of a patch or cream. I’m usually pretty good about what I put on my skin and I often use coconut oil as a moisturizer, however, I’m a total sucker for lotions and potions that smell good. I have several bottles of oil and lotion with scary looking mile long ingredient labels. 

Just as I was evaluating these things and knowing I needed to ditch them, I got two bottles of moisturizing skin oil from Balima Spa. Their products use 100% natural ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil and essential oils. And they smell so good! The oil absorbs really well and doesn’t leave me feeling all oily and greasy and the great smell stays on my skin for a long time. I got two different ones: Vitality and Harmony. Vitality has coconut oil with lemongrass and frangipani essential oils. I use this one in the morning because the aroma is supposed to “stimulate a strong sense of energy to empower and galvanise the body, mind and soul.” Harmony is coconut oil with lavender oil and frangipani. I put it on before I go to bed because it’s supposed to “restore a deep sense of serenity and relaxation to balance the body, mind and soul.” Sounds perfect for my fatigued little adrenal glands 🙂

They have a few other varieties that I haven’t tried yet, but I am loving the two that I’ve got. Right now, this is only available in Switzerland as the company is based in Geneva, but I think they have plans to make their products available throughout the EU.

Yay, now I can ditch the toxic lotions and oils I was using and I can still smell good 🙂 Next up on my detox list is household cleaners. I’m sort of a fanatical cleaner and almost everything I use is totally toxic. I’m thinking of trying out Branch Basics products.

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  1. I usually use Balima Spa Oil. It gives good results.