Hemp Seeds

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So, what comes to mind when you hear about hemp? Probably hippies, marijuana, dreadlocks and vegans. Am I right? Well, hemp is a...

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Paleo Grocery Delivery with Recipes!

Posted | 6 comments

  One of the biggest problems many people face is finding the time to do grocery shopping and then knowing what to cook.  I...

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A Trip to a Winter Farmer’s Market

Posted | 8 comments

My favorite farmer’s market takes place on Tuesday and Friday mornings down in Zürich. I don’t get the chance to go very often...

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Home Brewed Kombucha

Posted | 36 comments

For Christmas this year, my sneaky husband ordered a SCOBY from the UK (from here), bought a big glass jar and then secretly started...

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The Paleo Refrigerator: A look inside of mine

Posted | 6 comments

I took a few pictures of everything in my fridge a few Saturdays ago right after I went grocery shopping. Immediately after shopping is...

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Chocolate Cake With a Surprise (Beets!)

Posted | 16 comments

Our lovely fitness trainer, Julie from Fit2Day, recently had a birthday. Lisa H., one of our regulars at boot camp, contacted me asking for...

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The Holy Grail…a good paleo pizza

Posted | 21 comments

We’re all searching for it. A paleo pizza that will come close to the cheesy bliss we remember. I’ve searched high and low and...

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Kale: Make room on your plate Popeye, it’s the new spinach!

Posted | 15 comments

  If you’ve spent anytime in the paleo blogosphere at all, you’ll know that paleo eaters everywhere seem to be eating...

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Ginger Snap Truffle Bites

Posted | 5 comments

My husband Chris loves gingersnap cookies. Luckily, I had everything on hand to make a paleo version. This recipe is quick, easy and...

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Almond Flour and Almond Butter

Posted | 12 comments

I probably get more questions about almond butter and almond flour than anything else, so I decided I better make a post about it. Lovely...

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Marinated Flank Steak

Posted | 3 comments

Flank steak is a very popular cut of beef in the States but you will probably never see it here in your Migro or Coop. The flank steak is a...

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Pumpkin Season is Open

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Driving back from this Sunday morning’s swimming session from the pool with the family I noticed that one of the local farmer has put...

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The Bürkliplatz Farmer’s Market

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Hard to believe I have lived here for 16 years and never went to the Farmer’s Market at Bürkliplatz until today (I swear...

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