Magic Bars

Posted | 9 comments

I love magic bars and have been wanting to make over the old traditional recipe for a long time now. Once I managed to make the Dulce de...

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Paleo Herb Crackers

Posted | 8 comments

I got this recipe from Julie and she’s not sure where exactly she got it from, so we can’t give you proper credit if it happens...

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Chocolate Cake With a Surprise (Beets!)

Posted | 16 comments

Our lovely fitness trainer, Julie from Fit2Day, recently had a birthday. Lisa H., one of our regulars at boot camp, contacted me asking for...

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The Holy Grail…a good paleo pizza

Posted | 21 comments

We’re all searching for it. A paleo pizza that will come close to the cheesy bliss we remember. I’ve searched high and low and...

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Paleo Bacon and Egg McMuffins

Posted | 2 comments

We usually like to make delicious breakfasts on Sundays. Sometimes it’s paleo pancakes or muffins and sometimes it’s a...

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