The Paleo Bookshelf: Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser

by lisa | 31 December 2013 18:04

I’ve been a fan of Chris’s website pretty much since the very beginning of my paleo journey. He is one of my “go-to” sources when I want to dig a little deeper into the science side of things or when I want to know more about how to tweak things a bit for a particular situation (like a low functioning thyroid). I’ve heard Chris present on various topics in person, and I trust that he’s a man who knows his stuff. I was thrilled when he sent me his new book for review! The book is called Your Personal Paleo Code and you can learn more about it from Chris’s site here.chris kresser

One of my favorite things about Chris is his emphasis on personalizing a paleo lifestyle to fit you as an individual with unique needs. There is no one perfect way to be paleo. He talks a lot about following a paleo template (ie; finding what works best for you). His book is broken down into three parts, or rather  three steps towards better health. Step One is all about resetting your diet. This section is essentially Paleo 101 and would be a great introduction for anybody who is new to paleo or needs to review the how and why.

The next section of the book is Step 2: Rebuild Your Life. This section has some great information on how to re-introduce “gray-area” foods after the thirty day reset in section 1. Gray-area foods are foods that were not a part of the original human dietary template but that are nevertheless nourishing and health promoting when they are well tolerated. Dairy anybody? This section will also teach you about the other important lifestyle factors and how to incorporate them into your life for optimal health. You’ll get the low down on things like exercise and movement, how to sleep more deeply, stress management, the importance of social connections and connecting with nature and why you should play.

Section three or Step 3: Revive Your Health shows you how to fine tune the paleo diet/lifestyle to fit your individual needs. This is the section for all you life-hackers out there. You’ll learn about:

This last section also shows you how to personalize the paleo code for specific health conditions like weight loss, high cholesterol and heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive diseases, blood sugar disorders, mood disorders, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue syndrome and skin disorders.

Look what else you get if you purchase this book (!!!):


I think this book makes an excellent addition to any paleo bookshelf and would be especially useful for any paleo newbies or somebody who is already experienced with paleo eating but might want to fine tune it for individual needs.

Happy Reading!


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