The Paleo Book Shelf: Nom Nom Paleo’s Food for Humans

The Paleo Book Shelf: Nom Nom Paleo’s Food for Humans
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I am a huge fan of Michelle Tam. Like, major girl-crush fan. I mentioned her as my blogging inspiration in my first ever post, and gushed even more after meeting her in person and sharing a meal with her and her husband. I visit loads of blogs, but hers is one of the few that I read regularly. And it’s not just about the food. She is witty and funny and real. She also has two adorable little boys and she shares a peek into her daily life as a full time working mom. Needless to say, I was thrilled when she decided to publish a cookbook.

Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans is way more than just another cookbook. The whole first section is all about her and her family. You finish this section feeling like you’ve just made a new friend. Then your new friend takes you on a tour of her kitchen and gives you all sorts of cooking tips and tells you how to stock your pantry and which tools you need to get started.nomnomreview2

Next up, is the recipe section. Michelle’s recipes are uncomplicated and everything I’ve tried has always turned out delicious. She shares over 100 recipes, and I didn’t find any that I wouldn’t want to make. The recipe instructions are clear and easy to follow and will turn a kitchen newbie into a foodie chef. The recipes are also just a lot of fun to read…like I said, she is witty and funny.nomnomreview

I love the layout of this book and it’s made to a very high standard. It’s a hard cover, it’s just the right size, it has one of those ribbons in it to help you hold your place, the paper is really high quality and it’s filled with amazing photography. The pictures really bring the recipes to life and help to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like, as well as what it looks like during the prep and cooking stages. Michelle’s husband, Henry, is an amazing photographer. He’s also one heck of a talented graphic artist. There’s a lot of comic strip style art and graphics throughout the book. How can one family be so talented?

I cooked up her recipe for Green Chicken and it was incredibly flavorful. But then again, her recipes always are.

Forget Green Eggs and Ham...give me some Green Chicken!

Forget Green Eggs and Ham…give me some Green Chicken!

Yes, this is a book you need. If you already have her iPad app or read her award winning blog, then you already knew that. Besides, this cookbook has butt jokes in it. I told you it wasn’t just another cookbook 😉

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  1. Totally agreed! I just wish it were easier to get ingredients like Red Boat’s fish sauce here it Switzerland…

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