Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Posted | 39 comments

My daughter loves gnocchi. She recently tried some sweet potato gnocchi at a restaurant that she said was super tasty and she asked me to...

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Hot Fig Appetizer

Posted | 4 comments

I’ve made this as a cold appetizer in the past, but this time around I made it hot and served it as a side salad. It was super...

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Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs with Bacon and Mushrooms

Posted | 5 comments

I love cooking shows. I even love a show from the BBC that’s all about baking. The things they make are all full of gluten and sugar,...

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Venison with Red Currant Sauce

Posted | 2 comments

It’s “wild” season here again in Switzerland. “Wild” means game meat, so things like venison and wild boar...

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Butternut Squash with Sage and Roasted Pine Nuts

Posted | 6 comments

I’m so happy it’s squash season here again. Fruits and vegetables are very seasonal (in terms of availability) here in...

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