Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Filet and Savory Rhubarb

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I over-shopped at the Farmer’s Market and bought tons of vegetables without too much thought as to what I would do with it all. One...

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Make Your Own Sausage for the BBQ Grill

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A few months back I wrote a guest post over at Michelle Tam’s site NomNomPaleo. I was over the moon excited when Michelle asked me to...

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Wild Boar Steaks with Balsamic Cranberry Compote

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I picked up some wild boar at the farmer’s marketĀ a few days back. I bought them because they just looked beautiful, even though I...

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Killer Pork Carnitas

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This recipe turned out so good! We tried making some wraps to put the pork in, but they turned out more like crepes (so we filled them with...

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