Slow food “Schnägg” rocks the Zurich fast food market

by susan | 30 August 2012 18:41

So today I actually took a few minutes for a lunch break because I had to zip over to an arts and crafts store to get a gift for an impending birthday party that my kid will attend. As I scurried past Bahnhof Stadelhofen I noticed a white van with a curious amount of people gathered around it. At first glance I thought this might be the usual product placement give away marketing ploy, then I saw the containers in the cool van all contain… fresh vegetables and fruit. Wait, what? This not 20 meters from a McDonalds in one of the busiest commuter areas of Zurich ???

Schnaegg products in the compost gas powered vehicle and stand

I approached the vehicle carefully and looked at their products and info-sign. A young lad cheerfully hops in my path and puts a flyer in my hand: “What is this?” I ask looking at the incredibly fresh and yummy looking stuff in the window.

“ We are Schnägg” he says with a huge grin. “We are a start-up that sells fresh local produce, salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, teas, fruit and veggies. Everything is sustainable: The fruit and veg are all grown locally and under the best ecological conditions – our vehicles not only run on compost gas but the cooling system to keep everything else is running on compost gas, too. Whatever fruit and veg we cannot sell goes into the compost recycling and powers our vehicles. Cool. Huh?” I am flabbergasted. “And you are here from now on everyday???

“Yup, every weekday” he says and goes on to delight the next customer. Incredulous I look at the menu and my heart rejoices. Many of their products are fully Paleo and look delicious. And they all cost…. a “Schnägg”, which, incidentally is not only the Swiss German term for snail but also for a five frank coin. Oooh smart wordplay gets me every time…

I know where I will get my lunch, often.

Well done, Schägg-Team!!

If you live in Zurich, go check them out www.schnä Tell them we sent you!


Schnägg vehicles are currently at these locations

Bahnhof Stadelhofen
Monday-Friday 10.00 – 16.00 hours

Bahnhof Örlikon
Monday-Friday 10.00 – 16.00 hours

ETH Polyterasse (as of September)
Monday-Friday 10.00 – 16.00 hours

ETH Hönggerberg (as of September)
Monday-Friday 10.00 – 16.00 hours

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