Skin Care You Can Eat

Skin Care You Can Eat
  • Sumo

We’re all on this paleo journey because we understand that what we put in our bodies is vital to our health and well being.  But how much thought do you put into what you put on your body in addition to what you put in it? Your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it doesn’t just sit there; it absorbs into your body. In fact, many medications have a transdermal (through the skin) delivery system. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin.

What are you putting on your skin?

What are you putting on your skin?

My skin care routine is basically non-existent. I’m old and have tons of wrinkles, so I probably should have one! I’m lucky that I’ve never had acne and I don’t have particularly dry or oily skin. I guess that’s why I never really think about it. Go have a look at your lotion or moisturizer and you’ll probably see a list of chemicals a mile long. There is no way that all of those chemicals don’t make their way into your system. That can’t be good for you day in and day out over years.

The nice folks at Vintage Tradition sent me a few samples of their all natural body balm to try out. I am under no obligation to give them anything (like a good review) in return. I would never waste my time writing about something I don’t like anyways. I also wouldn’t write about something that isn’t available where I live. I was thrilled that Vintage Tradition will ship all over the world. Anybody can get their products!

Body Balm

Body Balm

This body balm can be applied to your whole body; face, lips, hands, feet…anywhere. Vintage tradition says it’s good for dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, and sun-damaged skin, rashes, burning, itching, wrinkles, and more! I doubt that there is hope for my wrinkles, but we’ll see.

So what’s in it? Not much, which is a good thing!

  • tallow — from 100% grass-fed beyond organic cows
  • olive oil- extra virgin, beyond organic
  • organic essential oils

I received samples of three different scents: pretty girly scent, mildly manly scent and almost unscented scent. They all smell mild and pleasant to me. I like them all the same, but my daughter liked the almost unscented one best (and she stole it from me). It absorbs into your skin really well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky. It worked equally well on my daughter’s beautiful 20 year old skin as it did on my saggy, baggy old skin. I haven’t eaten it, but it’s nice to know that I could. It’s even paleo!

Clean ingredients

Clean ingredients

If you would like to read more about the Vintage Tradition products and how they are made, just click here. They even provide information on how you could make your own.


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  1. m’lady, I beg to differ. You are neither old nor wrinkly!!

    • Susan,
      Only a good friend could see past my wrinkles 😉 Thank You!!

  2. Nor saggy and baggy, Lisa!
    I’ve had problem skin as long as I can remember, but it’s now better than its been since I was about 12! Eating well has definitely helped, but lately I’ve stopped using packaged products except Weleda oils and day and night creams and I’ve been experimenting with using eggs, olive oil, lemons and cider vinegar as masks, moisturizers, exfoliants etc and the results are good. No more buying expensive lotions and potions, but I do feel guilty about not using up the stuff that’s still in my bathroom cabinet.

  3. Thanks for sharing this cool brand, i’m gone check it out! Since i gave birth to my first baby, i really had a dry sink. At the moment i’m using coconut oil, it really did a wonder to my skin!

    • Christian,
      I use coconut oil on my skin, too! I love the way it smells and it makes my skin really soft.