Quick and Easy Breakfast and a WOD

Quick and Easy Breakfast and a WOD
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I got back from my workout this morning and was absolutely starving! I threw this breakfast together in a matter of minutes and it was super delicious. It’s one of my favorite quick go-to meals.


  • 100 grams (about 2 handfuls) chopped cabbage
  • 100 grams fresh spinach (about 2 handfuls)
  • 1 leek, chopped (or you could use half an onion)
  • 4 slices thinly sliced bacon
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste

    The veggies

What I did

  1. Chop up the bacon and brown it in a frying pan.
  2. Once your bacon starts to brown, throw in the leeks and cook for about a minute.
  3. Now throw on the cabbage and spinach.
  4. Stir while cooking until your spinach is wilted.

    Almost ready for the eggs

  5. Move stuff around in your pan to make two holes to crack your eggs into.
  6. Crack your eggs into the holes you made.
  7. Season with salt and pepper.
  8. Cover and steam until your eggs are set.

    I ate it ALL

And just was that workout that left me starving? I work out at Fit2Day with my lovely friend Julie. She knows her stuff and makes us work hard. Our Saturday class is always a lot of fun. Today we did:

  • 3 rounds of maximum number of pull-ups and maximum number of dips
  • 10 minutes of wall balls and burpees–start with 3 reps, then 6, then 9, etc…for the the whole 10 minutes
  • 10 minutes of kettlebell swings and jump squats—3 reps, 6 reps, 9 reps etc…for the whole 10 minutes
The sun is actually shinning today so I’m also going to head out to do some Zombies, Run! training. I hate running, but this makes it a little bit more fun. However, I’m pretty sure the zombies would have no trouble catching me and eating me. I wonder if I taste like bacon?


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  1. Oh hey, the Zombies, Run seems like a great app for people who hate to run like me! It speaks to my gamers and readers heart…ggnaaaaa it looks like I have to get this and start to run more. Which one do you recommend: The epic adventure or the beginner?

    • I got both apps, but I couldn’t make the beginner one work with the music play list on my phone so I just do the regular one. I still hate running!

  2. That looks sooo delicious! I can honestly say I’ve never bought cabbage, but a few recipes, including this one, are really inspiring me to take the plunge!

    • Oh Sam…you have to try cabbage! I can get bags of pre-chopped cabbage where I live. It cooks really quickly and can be added to just about anything. When I’m in a hurry for a quick meal, I fry up some ground beef, onions, cabbage and a can of tomatoes.

      • That sounds pretty simple! i will keep my eye out for pre chopped cabbage 🙂 I like your idea for a quick easy meal as well!

        • I eat a lot more cabbage when I buy it pre-chopped. I think they sell it like that here in Switzerland because people use it to make sauerkraut. If you can’t find it already chopped, chop the whole head of cabbage at once and just put it in a zip lock to use over the week 🙂