Pumpkin Season is Open

by susan | 26 August 2012 13:37

Driving back from this Sunday morning’s swimming session from the pool with the family I noticed that one of the local farmer has put out his pumpkin stand by the side of the road! Oh the bliss! Pumpkin is one of my absolute FAVOURITE things to eat! I accidentally action painted our old kitchen orange when I made pumpkin soup and inadvertently didn’t close the lid on the blender all the way…So we pulled over to grab a spaghetti squash and a Jack’o’Lantern.

I love the fact that local farmers in Switzerland have started to sell their fruit and veggies directly in little shops on site or put up small road side stands. How much fresher can you actually get?

 Yes, there will be pumpkin soup tonight!

Art Installation at Jucker Farm

Art Installation at Jucker Farm

Speaking of pumpkins and for those of you not in the know: Jucker Farm Art in Seegräben hosts Switzerland’s largest pumpkin exhibit with over 100’000 pumpkins each year that is a must see. This year it starts on September 2 and lasts until November 4. There are animals and art installations made out of pumpkins and some of

their specimens are so big that they hollow them out and use them as row boats on Lake Pfäffikon in a unique Pumpkin Regatta! There are plenty of other activities for all of the family and you can also pick fresh veggies and fruit that are in season for all of your Paleo needs. Their farm shop is open on Sundays also and provides plenty of grass feed beef, pork and poultry, too!

Jucker Farm Art is always jam-packed with people so make sure you go early in the morning to enjoy the peaceful view over Lake Pfäffikon before the crowds get in!

Source URL: https://swisspaleo.ch/pumpkin-season-is-open/