Paleo Grocery Delivery with Recipes!

by lisa | 16 July 2014 16:41


One of the biggest problems many people face is finding the time to do grocery shopping and then knowing what to cook.  I personally spend quite a bit of time shopping. I get some things direct from the farm, some things from farmers markets and some things from the two large grocery chains (Migro and Coop) or local health food stores. That’s a lot of running around (especially if you have kids to drag around with you)!





I recently met up with Marko Vidmar, who owns and operates Vidis Kochtüte (Vidis Cooking Bag). He’s got the perfect solution to all of those problems. He is young, enthusiastic and passionate about food quality. His service will do the shopping for you, deliver it to your doorstep and provide you with recipes. He uses the highest quality ingredients around and delivers them to you personally. All of his fruits and vegetables come from Pico Bio. Pico Bio supplies all organic (bio) produce from regional farmers with an emphasis on seasonality. His meat is Fidelio certified and 100% Bio (read about it here), and all of the chicken is from KAGFreiland.

Marko Vidmar of Vidis Kochtüte

Marko Vidmar of Vidis Kochtüte

Not only are the ingredients sourced for you and delivered, but everything is specially hand packaged and labeled to go with easy to follow recipes cards that are included in the delivery.  This is perfect for anybody who is short on time or hates that daily dilemma of “What should I cook for dinner tonight?”. It would also be a really easy way to get started on Paleo.

After several customer requests for Paleo recipes, Marko contacted me to discuss the possibility of offering a Paleo option. We met and talked Paleo for a few hours (who knows, I might even convert him!) and I’m excited at the prospect of helping him design meal plans and come up with recipes.

If this sounds like a luxury lifestyle service, you’re right. However, the prices are incredible.  You don’t have to be rich and famous to afford it. I’m not even sure I can get better food prices buying the ingredients myself (let alone having them delivered with recipes).

An example of one of Marco's recent recipe selection: Thai Beef Salad with Mango and Roasted Shitake Mushrooms

An example of one of Marko’s recent recipe selections: Thai Beef Salad with Mango and Roasted Shitake Mushrooms

At them moment, Vidis Kochtüte is available to the greater Zürich region, but Marko has plans to ship his fresh food throughout Switzerland in the very near future. I’ve been busy gathering some really delicious Paleo recipes for him, so a cooking bag full of Swiss Paleo approved recipes could be arriving on your door step soon. You know I like to keep it pretty simple and delicious, so all recipes will have a start to finish time of 45 minutes or less.


Just in case anybody out there is wondering, Marko did not pay me to write this, I just really like his concept of quality ingredients to go along with Paleo recipes that you can cook at home. I’m always happy to endorse endeavors that I believe in! You can check out Marko’s website here and contact him through his website if you have any questions about his service or want to get on his list to be notified as soon as the Paleo Option becomes available.

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