Morrocco Method Hair Care Products Review

by lisa | 27 April 2015 09:39

I have really sucky thin hair, a receding hairline and a fly away frizzy look. I’ve tried all sorts of different shampoos over the years, I’ve tried no-poo and I’ve used Rogaine. I’ve taken supplements and one time I even got suckered in to buying some fibers that you sprinkle on your hair to make it look fuller (umm…it ended up looking like I had dirt sprinkled on my head!). I’d seen other bloggers talk about their experience with Morrocco Method, but I don’t often believe what I read on the internet. I’m a true skeptic. I was recently contacted by the folks over at Morrocco Method and they offered to send me some samples to try out. I always turn down those kind of offers if I don’t feel the product is in line with my lifestyle, but this product is raw, paleo, gluten free, GMO free, sulfate free and 100% natural. And, Morrocco Method International products are top ranked for using safe, non-toxic ingredients according to Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. I was happy to try it out.

My reviews will always be honest and I don’t ever accept paid advertising or promote products that I don’t actually use. I thought I’d give this stuff a try, but I certainly wasn’t expecting any hair miracles. Here is what they sent me:IMG_0294

First off, the natural boar bristle brush is amazing. I never knew brushing your hair could feel so good. The first few times I used it, all sorts of dry flaky skin from my scalp showed up on my black slate floors and I never even thought I had a dry scalp! After a few days of using the brush and the shampoo, no more flaky bits ended up on the floor. I guess I just always thought a brush was a brush, and the cheaper the better. This one actually works to condition your hair by spreading the oil from your scalp right down to the ends of your hair. Lauren over at Empowered Sustenance has a great post all about the benefits of the brush and how to use it. I love it and won’t use any other kind of brush on my hair now.

I got two different shampoos to try out in my sample pack; the Pine Shale and the Earth Essence. I’ve been rotating between the two and like them both. Without chemical agents to produce suds, this shampoo seems strange at first. It’s hard to know exactly how much to use because there is no sudsy foam. I used about a quarter coin size squirt diluted with a bit of water. The stuff looks like mud 🙂 and both have a nice clean natural smell to them. After the first time, my hair felt a bit gummy and heavy when it was wet and it almost had an oily feel to it. However, once dried, it didn’t look greasy or oily at all. It was smooth (instead of frizzy—YAY!) and it felt full and thick. OMG. I was in love with the stuff after just one use. I had read that your hair may go through a detox period and be kind of gross for awhile, but I didn’t really experience that. The heavy, gummy feel lasted about a week, but my hair always looked good. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I have noticed big changes in my hair. It’s easier to style, the style lasts longer, I only have to wash my hair once (twice at the most) a week and I actually have new hair growth along my hair line. I’m also experiencing much less hair loss (the brush doesn’t come away full of lost hair every time I brush my hair). I’m totally sold. I even ordered a starter pack for my daughter and some more shampoo for myself because I don’t want to use anything else now.

I also got a sample of the Blood of the Dragon styling gel. It’s light, smells nice and doesn’t seem to leave any kind of residue on my hair. All the styling gels I’ve used in the past have left a crunchy stiff feel to my hair, but not this stuff. I use it every time I wash my hair. The last thing I got was the Sapphire Volumizer Mist. It’s a spray-on, leave in hair conditioner. I spray it on my hair after brushing every night before I go to bed. My daughter also got some in her starter pack and she loves it. She also applies it to her skin. Many of their products are multi-use and can be used as skin care as well.

So there you have it! I can thoroughly recommend Morrocco Method products. I’ve found their customer service to be as excellent as their products. They will consult with you about your hair type and help you figure out which products may be best for you. Everything comes with instructions on how best to use it. Their web site also has a ton of educational videos and articles that are totally worth checking out.

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