Go outside and play. It’s good for you!

  • Sumo

When was the last time you did something fun? Something new and maybe even challenging? When was the last time you played

Boot camp is sort of like play, we jump rope, we bounce balls and we jump up on things. But I wanted to try something new,and yes, I was a little scared. Today the sun was finally shining and it was a great day to take my workout outside for a change. We headed off to to a really cool ropes course at Seil Park Rigi and it was totally worth it. The setting was absolutely amazing and most of the courses were in the forest with a very beautiful little stream running along below (way, way below!). The safety was top notch and the entire place was really well maintained.  They give you all of the equipment and show you how to hook and unhook yourself from the cables and zip lines before you get started. There is a beginner level, which is where we started out. We did, inadvertently, end up on a very challenging stretch later in the day and I did see my life flash before my eyes. It took every bit of strength I had to get myself across. I was very grateful for all the working out I do. It definitely brought home the purpose of working out in the first place—so that you are functionally fit and could save your own hide if you needed to!


The Seil Park is located at a Swiss farm (Alpenhof). There were some free range chickens scratching about, some cows eating grass (Naura beef to be) and an incredible vegetable garden.


We brought along our own little Paleo picnic which really hit the spot.

So, get out there and play! If you’d like to read a little more about the importance of play, Mark Sisson has a great article here.

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