Eating Out at the Paleo Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark

Eating Out at the Paleo Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark
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It would seem that the European country which has embraced the CrossFit and Paleo lifestyle the most might just be Denmark. The 2011 and 2012 women’s CrossFit champ is Danish and they have even just released a documentary about the CrossFit and Paleo lifestyle called Northern Spirit. You can check it out on YouTube here.  I’ve had to travel to Denmark fairly often for business recently, so Lisa asked me to check out the Paleo fast food restaurant aptly named PALAEO,  and then to write up a post about it. The restaurant claims to be one of the first fast food Paleo restaurants in the world. They use all organic ingredients and follow the Paleo diet philosophy. The restaurant is located in the Copenhagen Torvehaller, which is an indoor market hall featuring a number of specialty shops, food stands and coffee shops.


On my first trip to PALAEO, I was completely unprepared. The menu on the wall was in Danish and there was no English menu available. Not letting that stop me and not wanting to burden the girl behind the counter with a translation, I just ordered the Hot Dog (no translation necessary), the Coconut Muffin (displayed on the counter) and a water. The Hot Dog came wrapped in an omelette bun and topped with roasted mushrooms and onions in  a cream sauce. As you can see in the picture, the hot dog was more like a bratwurst than a hot dog, which was just fine with me. As with all fast food (which is something one rarely gets when trying to eat healthy) it was a great quick meal.

Quick and Delicious

In fact, the meal was so great I had to go back for more two days later. This time, however, I did my homework and translated the menu myself (thanks to Google translate) and was ready to order when I got there. For this meal, I chose the Meatza, coconut muffin again 🙂 and the pink grapefruit smoothie with ginger, aka the Elixer of Life, the latter being recommended by the cashier. Again, the food was great as was the smoothie.

Another Quick Meal

PALAEO has become so popular since it’s opening a few months ago that they have now opened a full sit down restaurant.

The second PALAEO restaurant

The Brew Pub, located just a couple of hundred yards from the Tivoli gardens gate, is another restaurant that I often eat at while in Copenhagen. They have grass fed Danish beef and a choice of eating in the restaurant or in the pub itself. As an added bonus, and if you are a fan of sinful, gluten laden, micro-brewed beers (American Pale Ale is my favorite) then this is definitely the place to go. A steak and ale from the Brew Pub are a must every time I visit Copenhagen.

Steak at The Brew Pub

Swiss Paleo would like to thank Chris for this guest post (and for the coconut muffin that he brought home to me). If you travel for business or pleasure and would like to write up a review about what you ate, just let us know!



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  1. The 2011 and 2012 Crossfit games winner is not danish. She is from Iceland.
    She does have a danish boyfriend though 🙂

  2. Hehe thanks for this post 🙂 I am trying to gather resources for my boyfriends mom (who is Danish, living in Denmark) who I just gave practical paleo too. She has now been paleo for one month!

    • Hi Charlotte,
      It’s so great that you are trying to support her paleo efforts! Paleo is pretty huge in Denmark so she should be able to find lots of other paleo people and resources. 🙂