Hemp Seeds

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So, what comes to mind when you hear about hemp? Probably hippies, marijuana, dreadlocks and vegans. Am I right? Well, hemp is a...

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Paleo Grocery Delivery with Recipes!

Posted | 6 comments

  One of the biggest problems many people face is finding the time to do grocery shopping and then knowing what to cook.  I...

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Pumpkins Everywhere!

Posted | 4 comments

We have a local farm that we’ve been going to for 18 years. The farm is in an absolutely stunning location, overlooking a beautiful...

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A New Farm Find

Posted | 5 comments

Back at the start of summer I found a great farm in my area. It’s only about 5-10 minutes drive away and I can’t believe that I...

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Shopping at a Local Farm

Posted | 25 comments

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be living in Switzerland. We don’t have any worries about GMO foods or CAFO (Concentrated Animal...

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Fät, purple carrots and a trip to the Viaduct

Posted | 17 comments

I went to the Farmer’s Market down in Zürich today and, as usual, I came away with more vegetables than I can probably eat....

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A Trip to a Winter Farmer’s Market

Posted | 8 comments

My favorite farmer’s market takes place on Tuesday and Friday mornings down in Zürich. I don’t get the chance to go very often...

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Field Trip to the Alnatura Shop in Zurich-Höngg

Posted | 3 comments

So what does one do on their 14 year meeting anniversary these days you ask? A) a trip to a fancy restaurant maybe? B) a weekend in Rome?...

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The Bürkliplatz Farmer’s Market

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Hard to believe I have lived here for 16 years and never went to the Farmer’s Market at Bürkliplatz until today (I swear...

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