Amazing Eggplant

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We went on a trip to Greece in October and ate some fabulous eggplant while we were there. We said, at the time, that we would really have...

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Paleo Cranberry-Orange Relish

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I can’t believe I used to eat cranberry sauce out of a can when this homemade stuff tastes so much better and is so easy to make....

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Paleo Herb Crackers

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I got this recipe from Julie and she’s not sure where exactly she got it from, so we can’t give you proper credit if it happens...

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Sweet Potato Gratin

Posted | 7 comments

I used to make a regular potato gratin that was just simply wonderful…and full of MSG and god only knows what else. The secret...

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Kale: Make room on your plate Popeye, it’s the new spinach!

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  If you’ve spent anytime in the paleo blogosphere at all, you’ll know that paleo eaters everywhere seem to be eating...

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