Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky
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You can tell how into the paleo lifestyle we are at my house if you look at what we gave each other for Christmas this year. I gave my hubby a new set of cast iron pans, various other little kitchen gadgets, a 24 kg kettlebell and lifting gloves. He gave me a scoby and kombucha brewing jar, a new lens for the camera so I can get better food pictures and a dehydrator. Last year wasn’t much different…we got his and hers sandbags and a dip station for our workouts ๐Ÿ™‚ย Yes, we are foodie fitness nerds.

We’ve been having a lot fun dehydrating all kinds of things. So far we’ve done beets, sweet potatoes and beef jerky. I’ll talk about the beet and sweet potato chips in another post, and today we’ll do the jerky. I have never found any beef jerky in a package here that doesn’t contain lots of sugar and other questionable ingredients, so that led me to try making my own. We made some in the oven last year, but I think the dehydrator worked better. If you don’t have one, you could still do this is the oven.

I’m currently doing a Whole 30 so we made two varieties. One has a teriyaki sauce that contains honey, which my husband ate, and the other is just sprinkled with spices for me.


The amount of meat you use will depend on how many trays you have in your dehydrator. We currently only have two trays. If you have more, you could double this recipe.

  • 400 grams (just under a pound) of thin minute steaks
  • Teriyaki marinade
  • salt, pepper and garlic salt for Whole 30 jerky
  1. Pound your steak between 2 pieces of parchment paper or saran wrap until it’s thin (1/8″).
  2. Slice into 2″ strips.
  3. For the teriyaki jerky, we used our teriyaki marinadeand marinated the steak overnight in the fridge before laying it out in the dehydrator.

    Marinating teriyaki jerky

  4. For the Whole 30 jerky, we just sprinkled on salt, pepper and garlic powder. If you like it spicy, you could add red chili flakes.

    Whole 30 jerky: just spices

  5. Lay your meat out on your dehydrator trays.

    I need more trays!

  6. Dehydrate at 145 F (70C), setting 6 on our machine, and dehydrate for 4 hours.
This makes a perfect snack for on the go–perfect for traveling or long hikes. I’m currently eating nut-free so this is a nice alternative snack.

Cheaper, tastier and healthier


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  1. This recipe sounds great and I will give it a try for my husband.
    However, I do not eat meat but I do eat fish. Do you have a recipe for Salmon on the dehydrator. Any recipe that would work with salmon (or fish) in a dehydrator would be appreciated!
    Thanks for your post – I’ll be trying it this week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Frances,
      I have never tried salmon in the dehydrator but here is somebody who has
      Her recipes are always pretty good so I’m sure it would be tasty. Enjoy!!

    • Also, I should add that the teriyaki marinade would be delicious on the salmon. We use that marinade to broil salmon and it would be just as yummy on salmon jerky if you are not doing a Whole 30 (Whole 30=no honey).