Morrocco Method Hair Care Products Review

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I have really sucky thin hair, a receding hairline and a fly away frizzy look. I’ve tried all sorts of different shampoos over the...

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Whole 30 Reflections

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Doing a Whole30 was my introduction into paleo 6 years ago, and I’ve never looked back (so, yes, doing a Whole30 really did change my...

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Fennel and Leek Soup with Smoked Salmon

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  This is kind of a twist on the traditional Potato Leek soup, replacing the potato with fennel. Cooked fennel has a really mild...

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Ruby Red Grapefruit Tarts

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I love grapefruit. I eat one every single day. I always tell myself that I’ll have just half of one after lunch and save the other...

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Paleo Chicken Marbella

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This is a remake of Chicken Marbella originally from the Silver Palate cookbook and featured in Epicurious. The original recipe calls for a...

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