And so it begins…

by lisa | 17 August 2012 01:05

One of my very first paleo inspirations was Michelle from NomNomPaleo. I’ve been following her blog for well over a year and it’s become part of my daily routine to check out her “daily eats”. If you have never seen her site, you just must. She posts about what she eats every day and the food porn photography is absolutely beautiful. It’ll make you hungry. You’ve been warned. Her site is loaded with great recipes and she also has an iPad app (and, yes, I bought an iPad just so I could get her app…but don’t tell my husband…I sort of convinced him I needed the iPad for very important blogging stuff). Well anyway, as I was mentally preparing myself to enter the world of blogging, I left a question on Nomnom’s site asking her about the amount of time she spends blogging.  Totally excited that Lisa@SwissPaleo’s question was featured in her first official newsletter today. It’s the first place SwissPaleo has been mentioned and it just made our little site seem real even though we haven’t even really started yet. I’m going to be a total nerd and ask Michelle (and her awesome hubby, Fitbomb) for their autographs or something when I go to AHS12 in a few weeks.

As I said, I’ve been following Michelle’s blog for a long time and always admired her work. There are so many great Paleo blogs out there and even though I always kind of wanted to try out blogging, I just felt like I wouldn’t have anything new to add to the mix. Well, here’s to stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. Like I told Susan (the brains behind the blog), probably just our moms will read this blog. But, hey, it’s a new adventure and so it begins…


Not only did I meet Michelle and her husband Henry, I had the pleasure of eating dinner with them! You can read Michelle’s post about our dinner here. She mentioned Chris and I and SwissPaleo! Totally made my day. Thanks Michelle!

Lisa and NomNomPaleo Michelle Tam

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