A Paleo Feast in a Swiss Forest Hut

by lisa | 5 December 2012 16:05

I love my friends and I love eating good food. Put the two together, and I know I’m in for a good time. A small group of us get together for dinner about every two months and we rotate the location. Last weekend, we had our dinner in a lovely little hut in the forest. It had recently snowed, which further added to the warm and cozy atmosphere.

The Menu


First Course

Main Course

The main course featured a lot of meat! Somehow we all forgot about bringing something green.


Susan’s husband and daughter arrived early to get the fires going. It was toasty warm in the hut by the time the rest of us got there.

Getting the hut warm

Here is the fire inside we were greeted with.

Very cozy

We had a roaring fire outside as well.

The fire outside the hut

Susan organized the hut for us.

Swiss Miss Susan

She also made a delicious pumpkin soup which was cooked over the small wood burning stove.

Cooking the soup

Why is it that men are drawn to fire and meat? Is there a “male BBQ gene”?

The men and the meat

They did a pretty good job.

Roast leg of lamb and sausages

The Swiss Paleo ladies, on the other hand, stood around talking (and drinking).

The Swiss Paleo Team

The kids had a great time. They played a few board games to start, but then headed outside to play in the snow.

The kid’s table

After a lot of socializing, we were ready to eat!

The main attraction

Cooked to perfection

We ate the whole thing, but of course we still had room for dessert. Here is Julie’s pumpkin pie. It arrived like this with one piece missing. Only Julie knows where that piece went…

The mystery of the missing piece of pie

Where ever you are, I hope you have a group of good friends to spend time with. These are the things that count in life.


Source URL: https://swisspaleo.ch/a-paleo-feast-in-a-swiss-forest-hut/